Frequently Asked Questions

PRICES -- Why so high?

The price of a used out-of-print book is based on several factors, including condition, general demand, and scarcity. A secondary factor is how much we paid for it, and how many we have in stock.
What is NOT a factor is its original price, or what somebody saw it for on eBay, or what it cost at the rummage sale last spring.


PRICES -- Why so low?

You can find our books listed on ABE, the Advanced Book Exchange.  Because they charge commissions and other fees, we mark up our prices to list there.
THE LOWEST PRICES ARE DIRECT FROM US, through our own web-site here. The prices you see here are the same as in our store.



Prices generally are net to all, especially on the first purchase. To encourage repeat business, we do offer discounts on large orders and to regular customers.


Do we BUY books?

Nope.  Sorry.


Why is your store called the BOOK BANK?

The home of CRAWFORDS Nautical Books is the old Tilghman Bank, built in 1916. From 1974 to 1992, it was a gift shop, when we bought it to house our collection.
Yes, the vault is still there.